Microsoft Patents New Toy Line To Compete Amiibo

by onSeptember 23, 2015

Details concerning the April 2015 patent (published in the public this week) explained below:


The device includes “interactive smart beads” that are attached to a ring like device that would help them connect with one another.

The two aspects combine to form a graphical representation on the screen. Each bead represents a particular character which will represent the respected animated story based on the character’s history.


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  • Stufa

    Yep, just think.
    Street Fighter 2, 2016 revival.
    Instead of choosing from a character select screen. You buy Ryu and pals individually and place them on the platform to play them.
    Upgrade your classic Street Fighter by buying special moves like the ‘Hadouken’ or strong kick.

  • http://twitter.com/Cameron13H Cameron Hons

    That sounds weird. I like amiibos better.

  • http://twitter.com/Flora_Sterling Flora Sterling

    @IndieGameGuys fuck all this shit lol