Opinion: Is Nintendo setting Devil’s Third up for failure?

by onDecember 14, 2015

Is Nintendo setting Devil’s Third up for failure in North America?

Devils Third will release in North America, however, as reported by Nintendo Everything, the retail version of the title will be somewhat of a rarity.  At the moment, Gamestop, one of the nations largest retailers, is reported to have only 420 copies of the title. To us, this feels as if Nintendo has chosen to test the waters before mass producing the title, due to low projected sales and the massive amount of controversy surrounding the title.


With Star Fox Zero, Minecraft and Xenoblade Chronicles X right around the corner, I fear many of the people whom aren’t lucky enough to grab a copy from the first wave, will more than likely lose interest in the title and move on. When taking into account Gamestop only received about 8 copies per state, it seems as if Nintendo has set the game up for failure in North America before it has even launched.

Digital Download Alternative isn’t attractive on Wii U

From a Risk Management prospective this might be the correct decision, however, as far as brand management and customer loyalty are concerned, this is complete suicide. It’s “my prediction” that the Actions taken in North America will have a negative impact on the titles lifetime sales because many people are turned off by digital versions of AAA games on the Wii U due to their massive size, coupled with, the limited amount of internal storage available on the console.

It’s a well known fact, consumers have the ability to connect an external HDD (assuming you have or are willing to purchase one) to the console, however, I’ve yet to encounter anyone in the real world utilizing this feature. From what I’ve seen, most people would rather just buy the disc as opposed to being forced to buy more hardware just to play the $60.00 game they just purchased. The Discontinued Wii U Core package isn’t even capable of running this and a few other digitally downloaded AAA games without additional hardware, due to the console being shipped with a mere 16 GB of storage. According to this article on Nintendo’s webpage, a “Nintendo Authorized” Hard Drive will cost you at least $99.00 just to play a game on your $200.00 console

eShop Downloads ARE NOT equal to physical discs, Offer Discounts for Digital Version

If Nintendo truly wants people to embrace the eShop, they should offer incentives for them to do so. Right now, games on the eShop are not priced competitively with their retail counterparts, in fact, they’re exactly the same price and come with twice the hassle. While I understand the logic and reasoning behind the current price scheme, I can also understand why so many people take issue with this approach. Considering the Wii U reaching the end of its life-cycle, we can only hope Nintendo has leaned a few lessons this generation and takes a different approach with the upcoming NX platform.

Do you plan on picking up a copy of Devil’s Third for the holidays? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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