Insider Rumor: Minecraft will be a NX Launch Title

by onDecember 14, 2015

Minecraft will be a NX Launch Title

“As you may have heard, Minecraft is finally set to hit the Wii U on December 17th of 2015. To some, this announcement may have come as a surprise and many have since questioned — what was the purpose behind this decision. It’s no secret, Minecraft would certainly be a welcomed addition to the Wii U™ Library, however, there’s no denying the fact that Mojang is a bit late to the party.

What does it all mean?

Our source who wishes to remain anonymous has stated “Minecraft for Wii U is a bi-product of Mojang’s preparation of the title for the upcoming Nintendo NX platform”. At this time, that’s all that is known about the MoTendo  partnership, however,  we will be sure to update our site as new information is made available.

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