‘I’ll be back in 2 weeks!’ #NexisGames

by onSeptember 24, 2016

Hi Guys n Gals

I’ve been working on a secret project for a few clients  and development has f inally come to an end. While I can’t release any details at the moment, I can say that I hope to return to full-time game development in 2 weeks. I’m also happy to report, nFusion’s client/server config has been upgraded and new functionality has been added. An updated nFusion Unity DLL / Windows Binary with an updated faq and the final Draw the Line trailer will be released shortly after my return.

As always, thanks for reading and don’t forget to ‘Give us your heart’!

-Nexis Games

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  • Stufa

    Secret project?
    I’m sorry, I’ve been giving my heart to Nexis games and U-Craft for years. All I’ve seen is let down and disappointment.

    I don’t know how to make a video game and I don’t really know how to navigate the industry. But I know wasted opportunity when I see it. I actually believed U-Craft could have been a surprise hit that got people talking about the game itself AND even draw more players to the Wii U.
    That ship has sailed. No matter how good the product will be now. If it even turns up, which I seriously doubt.

    You ask fans to give your heart to you. Maybe you should have given a little heart to your fans?

    Aside from a decent reply, I need a really good reason to come back here. I am sorry.

    • Nexis Games

      Your frustration is understood but rest assured this ‘secret project’ is not related to game development, it was more of a temp 9 to 5 type deal done solely to put food on the table (because i was running out! lol). Sorry for the ‘2 week’ disappearance, it couldn’t be helped but I’m back now.

      Had to do what i had to do to keep the lights on. Hope you can understand 😉

      • TheChosen

        What happened to your twitter-account? Suddenly you were just…gone.

        • Nexis Games

          My twitter is still there

          • TheChosen

            Please finish UCraft. I want to play it as fast as possible… And bring “Draw the Line” too, so that we can give you some money, if you need more to make UCraft reality.

            Do you allready know when “Draw the Line” will come? And what it will cost?

      • Stufa

        Firstly, thank you for the reply.
        As I said, I wish you well. My frustration is purely down to your products, not you as a person. I never want to see anyone struggle.
        My grumble isn’t about the two weeks off either. You have to do what you have to do.

        My frustration is I see so many great ideas that could have really pushed the Wii U.
        I wouldn’t know where to begin with creating and selling a game.
        I also know you have to keep fans at a certain length or some will try to demand some sort of control.
        What won me over with Nexis games is your unique ideas that really could have turned things round some what on the Wii U.
        Even better, you did express appreciation to fans who believed in you.

        But now I know the window of opportunity has sailed for the likes of U-Craft (at least on Wii U). You have let down what few fans are left. Ok, maybe not all of us.

        I wish you all the best in the world in what you do. But I have been let down by too many empty promises from Nexis games. I’m not after a driving seat, compensation or a free game, or T-shirt.
        I just hope I am proven wrong and Nexis games could really be a company people talk about. Not ending up like other ‘great visionaries’ like Lobotomy on Saturn, Rare on Nintendo and team Andromeda.

        • Nexis Games

          Thanks for your comments, as I stated before, I’m not looking to catch any window for UCraft or any of my titles, my goal is to make fun games, that’s our only focus, it’s not about money for us.

          A polished product takes time, Brickblast U took a week.

          Thanks for comments…

          • TheChosen

            Just one more tip: If you need more time, you can delay the PC-version too. You know that?

            Since most WiiU-fans are waiting for your game. I hope you won`t disappoint them. Or just show us more trailers. Show us what you can do in that game.Show us how exactly the tornado-destruction works in UCraft.

            This is what people want to see, Nexis Games. Just keep us informed.

          • Nexis Games

            You are right on the money there, I’ll do better with my communication. Once I get these 2 employees fully trained on my (non-gaming related) software, I’ll be back at gamedev full-time! Depending on how tomorrow’s training session goes, I could be back as soon as Monday.

            As always, thanks for the input!

          • TheChosen

            Oh i have forgotten, you have answered back. Lol. I just read it, 5 days before x-mas is here. Ok. It`s nice that you are still going strong.
            I hope “Draw the line” is still coming too. Make that finished first.

        • TheChosen

          Just for your understanding: PowerPC-games are driven by a lot of money. ARM-games are cheap to make in comparison. He said he needs more money. Which is why UCraft is in low priority right now, or on-hold, until he gets more money with the coming “Draw the line”-shooter-game. Understand?

          Cheap game-development finances more expensive games. It has been like this since forever. UCraft will be very expensive, way more expensive then he might have guessed 2 years ago. Draw the line has just been in development for maybe 6 months, until it´s finished. And it´s just a filler to make UCraft real.

          We really have to wait now. But i think i am OK if at least Draw the line comes from them at the end of 2016- and then they can get maybe some more time, to finish UCraft, don`t you think?

          Remember. He makes two versions of UCraft. One is for the WiiU-console. And one is a Port to PC.

  • TheChosen


  • Hardcore Capitan Nintendo

    draw the line better have online multiplayer and voice chat.please say its so nexis games? I want to buy this game and i will if it and on day 1 if it has online multiplayer WITH voice chat.wii u has no good online shooters other then devil’s third and ninty is killing the servers at the end of december,please tell us that the game will support online multiplayer and voice chat? will you guys support updates to the online multiplayer for patches and glitch fixes? and can we expect dlc for online multiplayer in the future for this game after its release?thank you nexis games.