Hyper Sentinel heading to Switch

by onMay 13, 2017

Hyper Sentinel is heading to the Nintendo Switch this summer and here we leave you with the trailer enjoy!

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  • Stufa

    I was hoping it would look like the thumbnail.
    I love my classic shooters, but I haven’t got a clue what’s happening there.
    I wish this team all the success in the world, but it doesn’t appeal to me.

    • Leonel

      It would be cool if the game did look like the thumbnail but it happens. I’m just waiting for more games to release on switch before i buy it but there are indie games that I plan on buying when I get it.

      • Stufa

        It is fairly sparse on there, but the selection it does have, works really well IMO.
        It seems Nintendo are strongly enforcing quality over quantity.
        But I think they should consider letting down potential customers such as yourself. Unless Nintendo really don’t care so much about the numbers game. Rather influence a smaller crowd that influences a bigger one?

        I do have to say though. The Switch does work.
        It’s mainly down to the machine itself. Play just about any game on tabletop mode with two joycons (or more) and I think that’s the machine at it’s best.