“Go Go Electric Samurai” will be coming to Wii U

by onMarch 8, 2016

Go Go Electric Samurai is in development and will launch on several platforms, including Wii U. We have provided a trailer that shows us a bit about the game.

Go Go Electric Samurai is an online-multiplayer team sport experience. Here’s a rundown of features:

– Hard, fast & brutal, set to electronic music
– As if ESJ & Rocket League had an ill-advised one-night stand in a scummy motel
– Yomi gameplay, designed by hockey fans
– Balanced for 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4
– Perk out your skill set, modify your base attacks & super-moves
– Highly mobile dog-fighting style movement, with fast, brutal, combat

Look for Go Go Electric Samurai sometime in Q2 for $9.99. For now, catch the game’s first trailer below.


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