GameStop Tried To Pull A Fast One On Us

by onApril 25, 2017

GameStop is selling Extended Switch warranties on false information


Fake News hits retail locations

March 3rd, 2017 is a day that many Nintendo loyalist will never forget as it marks the birthdate of Nintendo’s latest and great console known as the Nintendo Switch. The system’s popularity took the world by storm and as a result of the devices unexpected popularity, retailers have not been able to keep up with the demand to this date. Despite Nintendo’s record-setting launch, some retailers still weren’t satisfied and deemed it necessary to drone up sales by any means necessary.

On March 2nd at 9:00 AM I lined up at a GameStop here in my local city to ensure I would be one of the first people to explore the world of Hyrule on the go. Within this 15 hour wait, I had a lot of time to mingle, make new friends and discuss what’s needed to ensure my Switch experience was top notch. Once midnight rolled around and several long conversations about what to buy had transpired, I managed to secure a pro controller, a copy of Breath of the Wild and Black and Gray Nintendo Switch. Finally satisfied with my order, I headed to the counter and proceeded to check out.

It was at this time, I was asked if I would like to purchase an extended warranty through GameStop. Naturally, my first question was: How long is the stock warranty, in which, he replied: 90 days. Finding that hard to believe, I declined and quickly took to Nintendo.com as soon as I got home to get an official answer, and low and behold, to my surprise, the correct answer was 1 year.

Due to my phone having a dead battery, I was forced to wait until I got home to get an official answer and so, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to correct this gentleman (who also happened to be the store manager) on the spot. Admittedly, I also liked the guy, as he had my back the entire day and ensured I got a Switch without a pre-order and for that reason, the location will not be disclosed.

This article is only meant to serve as a warning to potential consumers, do your homework before heading to the Jungle. Also, GameStop, you would be wise not to abuse your role in our community. The next person you try to bamboozle might not be as kind as I am. Maybe pulling shenanigans like this on your customers is the reason you’re closing so many locations across the US.  We have also accounted for this being a case of human error, but as a store manager, you could have done your homework on Nintendo’s Hardware a little better.

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