How to legally play & Livestream Breath of the Wild on your PC.

by onApril 20, 2017

How to legally play & Livestream Breath of the Wild on your PC.


Xbox has the right Idea

Nothing speaks to gamers like a brand spanking new Zelda and as always, innovative minds are busy tinkering away at Nintendo’s latest creation. In the midst of these ‘questionable’ conquests, some players have managed to play Breath of the Wild on their High-end Gaming PC’s, while others have taken it a step further and managed to render the game in 4k resolutions in a fully playable state.

While it may be interesting to read about, it’s a well-known fact that Nintendo does not have a favorable view of this sort of activity and as stated in the paragraph above, you need a very High-end computer to even think about trying this out.  Fortunately, those of you without a $1500.00 computer laying around are in luck if you happen to own or have access to an Xbox One.

What you need

  1. A Networked PC running Windows 10 or Higher
  2. A Networked Xbox One
  3. An internet connection


  1. Configure your OneGuide for Live TV on your Xbox One
  2. Once configured, open your OneGuide Application on the Xbox One
  3. Connect your Nintendo Switch or Wii U’s HDMI output to your Xbox One’s HDMI in
  4. Power up your Nintendo Switch
  5. Go to your Windows 10 PC and launch the Xbox Application
  6. Under settings, click ‘Stream’

Setup Live Streaming

  1. Download, Install & Open OBS Studio
  2. Under sources, click the ‘+’ sign and add Display Capture
  3. Click ‘Advanced / Stream’ and input your Twitch stream key
  4. Click Apply, then OK
  5. Click ‘Start Broadcasting’

Benefits – Live Streaming

On a PC running 3rd party software, the Xbox App will allow users to bypass Xbox One’s software protection/detection algorithms and allow live streaming of ALL content played through the Xbox One, not just approved games.  To do this, simply capture the Xbox app window or the desktop in your streaming software. We recommend OBS Studio


There is a small lag (between 0.3 ms / 0.5 ms) while playing in this mode, however, with a game like BOTW, it’s not noticeable and does not hinder gameplay.

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