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Exclusive Interview: Samantha Foster Sound (SFS)

by onDecember 20, 2015

Samantha Foster Sound Interview

As developers, we know 1st hand how tough it can be to find quality assets for your projects. Throughout our journey, we have managed to meet all sorts of interesting people and studios operating in the realm of game development and we’d like to share one of these relationships with you today.

Samantha Foster Sound (SFSound) is an Independent music studio, dedicated to providing top-notch music compositions for Film and Video Game productions. Like everyone else we know involved in the gaming industry, Samantha is a product of the 16-bit era of gaming and was raised on classics such as “Ecco the Dolphin” and “Sonic the Hedgehog”.

Completed Projects

SF Sound has made quite an impact in the gaming world, in-fact,  the studio has its work licensed in games spanning across the globe as well as showcased at events such as EGX. To hear a sample of the studios work, simply click the play button located in the top right corner of this post or visit their company website here.

To see a complete list of the studios shipped tracks to-date, see the list below.

Dead of Day (2016)PC & Mac - Trebuchet Games [Dungeon Crawler/RPG] - Bromsgrove, England -Featured at EGX 2015 in Birmingham, UK at NECSite
The Sentient (2016)PC - Uncaged Studios [Sci-Fi/Simulation] - Maryland, USASite
Project S (in development, 2015)PC, Mac, & Linux - [Adventure] (England)Site
Regicide: The Tale of the Forgotten Thief (2015)PC - Punchdrunk Games [RPG] - (Arlington, Texas - USA)Site
Scrub Ninjas (2015)Android & iOS - Digital Nomads Edu [Educational] (Eugene, Oregon - USA)Site
Irwald's Heritage (in development, 2015)PC - Fedor Kostrov [Adventure] (Russia)Site
The Magnificent Pixel Dynasty (2014)iOS - Steve O'Gorman [RPG] (Oakham, England)Site
Peter's Quest (2014)Android & iOS - Nykular [Arcade] (Houston, Texas - USA)Site
Die to Survive (in development)PC - RLS-IT [Adventure] (Ludwigshafen, Germany)Site
Chess Conquest (2014)Android & iOS - Game Artists, LLC [Board] (Pembroke Pines, Florida - USA)Site
Raids of Nohosphere (2014)PC - Acreplume [RPG] (Rennes, France)Site
The Conundrum (in development)PC - Christian Determann [RTS] (Vienna, Austria)Site
Politico (in development)XBLIG - Sodapop Games [Simulation] (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - USA)N/A
Zombie Viking Clans in Valhalla (2013)iOS - HC3 Creative [RTS] (Shanghai, China & Norway)Site
RPG MO (2013)PC & Mobile Devices - Margus Ojanurme & Kert Uppin [RPG] (Tartu, Estonia)Site
Helidroid Battle PRO (2013)Main Theme

Android & Kindle Fire - MH Production [Simulation] (Paris, France)

Helidroid Battle (2013)Android - MH Production [Simulation] (Paris, France)N/A
Echometry (2012)iPad - Web 2 Mobile Design [Educational] (Santa Monica, California - USA)N/A
La Fugue Orpheline (The Runaway Orphan) (2012)PC - Insacréajeu - INSA Rennes [RPG] (Rennes, France)N/A

SFSound is looking for new projects

With a growing and diverse portfolio of successful projects to date, Samantha has expressed a desire to expand deeper into the world of gaming.  We reached out to the up-and-coming studio on social media in hopes of finding out; what’s next for them and the conversation has been posted below.

SFS Interview

  1. How long have you been involved in music composition? I discovered that I could compose music at the beginning of my middle school career. I composed a short piece called Medieval Tune for piano. In 2010, I worked on my first game composing project with a group of engineering students from a video game creation club at INSA Rennes. I scored my first short film shortly after.
  2. Have you always had a passion for music? Yes! I’ve always loved playing music! My passion for music grew even stronger when I discovered that I could compose soundtracks for video games and film.
  3. What is the source of inspiration behind your work? Projects that I work on are my sources of inspiration. For games, often looking at a piece of concept art or in-game footage can inspire me to compose a piece. Also, listening to other famous composers have been sources of inspiration as well.
  4. Who are some of your favorite artists? Danny Baranowsky, Jack Wall, Brian Tyler, Jake Kaufman, and many others!
  5. What led you to a career in professional video game music development? I’ve always played video games and loved the music! This made me interested in getting involved with composing for them.
  6. What challenges do you face as a Music Composer? Finding game and film scoring jobs is always the biggest challenge! I’m always hustling for projects. I definitely think I’m having a better time getting indie game projects than indie film projects. The indie film scoring scene seems kind of rough. But for indie games, I’m finding lots of opportunities.
  7. What video games did you play growing up? Banjo Kazooie, Sonic 2 & 3, Myst, Ecco the Dolphin, Sonic Adventure, Outlaws, Super Mario 64, and many more!
  8. What is your all-time favorite video game console? Dreamcast! I loved playing Sonic Adventure & Ecco Defender of the Future!
  9. Who is your all-time favorite Video Game Character? Ecco the Dolphin
  10. Have you worked on music for any titles currently on a Nintendo Platform? Not yet! But, I’d love to!
  11. If you could share one piece of advice with anyone looking to get into professional music development, what would it be? Be yourself, keep making and nurturing contacts, be prepared to invest in expensive music gear, and be flexible!

Contact SFSound

Any Indie developers or video engineers in need of music are encouraged to contact Samantha by visiting her website or reaching out to her on twitter. Thanks  for reading, good luck on your projects and Happy Holidays from Nintendo Nuggets!

Source via Samantha Foster

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  • Stufa

    I would have thought SFS would have mentioned Koji Kondo. Oh well.

    Interesting seeing the Dreamcast and Ecco being the favourite.
    I’d love to pick his/her brain on why they loved that game. I think it had a much deeper affect on them.