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[FEATURE] NintenDOOM ★ World War Wii ★ Leave Luck To Heaven ★ QOL

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Are Wii Nearing WORLD WAR 3?


Isolated Regions 125 Years Late

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Global Terrorism as we know it is throwing Earth into World War 3. Over 60 countries are directly (or indirectly) waging war against ISIS. Last year ISIS took control of Martin Place café Sydney Australia before being taken out unfortunately ending in innocent bloodshed of  hostages. Yemeni branch of Terror activists claimed responsibility for recent deadly attacks on the French Charlie publication saying the events unfolded were of operation to educate the French the limits concerning freedom of expression via forms of press and entertainment in the world. The reserved human rights to offend was backed by an entire nation and 40 world leaders inviting escalated reaction.

In response to the bloodshed the entertainment outlet has pursued aggressive retaliation in delivering inevitable technological messages and material of print which surpassed 7 million issues (completely smashing their normal efforts of usual thousands) a week after the HQ execution where international social protesters used extreme force leaving a third of the French editing & journalism employees dead. With female suspect on the lose ISIS celebrated it and has ignited social movements attracting women in the escalating Jihad altercations.

Social expansion in general shares the same progressive ideology across the board even when not integrated as another not being as obvious as people could come to expect. Demographics in non specific entertainment and press research data contains implications equaling to lead positions in games (on or off the screen) of females, cross compared accordingly to infrastructure spanning the globe. Female candidacy has penetrated strategists at cultural levels abroad equally from Tomb Raider, the White House, induction of female deployment in social regimes, national arms, art, press, sports, religion collectively consistent. Everything seems to adapt a singular progressive logic even when engaged in challenges of another fashion, the movements are socially general.


Prime Minister of Japan, held a meeting accompanied by Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the newly crowned Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who was visiting Japan as official guest of the Japan Government February 19 2014. [Reported As Follows:]

“1. Opening Remarks Prime Minister Abe expressed his gratitude to Crown Prince Salman for the warm welcome he received when he visited Saudi Arabia last year and noted that he was happy to have a chance to receive the Crown Prince in Japan and hold talks. He added that Japan wants to further strengthen the “Comprehensive Partnership” between the two countries in a wide range of fields. Crown Prince Salman told Prime Minister Abe that he hopes to deepen cooperation with Japan in various fields, saying he was pleased to visit Japan, a Saudi friend.

2. Politics and Security Prime Minister Abe said that under Japan’s policy of promoting proactive contribution to peace based on international cooperation, the country will contribute more actively than ever to the peace and stability of international society, including the Middle East. In order to deepen its cooperation with Saudi Arabia, a major power in the Middle East and the linchpin for the region’s peace and stability, Japan will promote dialogue in the security area and exchanges between defense authorities as well as starting dialogue between the National Security Councils of the two countries, he said. Prime Minister Abe also said Japan will advance exchanges between young Japanese and Saudi diplomats and dialogue between intellectuals in the diplomatic field. In response, Crown Prince Salman agreed with Prime Minister Abe, saying that exchanges and mutual visits between the two countries’ young diplomats, intellectuals and business people are indispensable to Japan and Saudi Arabia. He also expressed hope that Japan will play an active role in the international community.

3. Economy Appreciating Saudi Arabia’s stable supply of oil to Japan, Prime Minister Abe expressed hope that the country will contribute to the stability of oil market. He also voiced appreciation for the progress made in energy cooperation between the two countries, including through the dispatch to Saudi Arabia of Japanese experts on energy efficiency. Crown Prince Salman promised a continuing stable supply of oil to Japan. The two leaders also agreed on cooperation on the peaceful use of nuclear power. Regarding Saudi restrictions on imports of food produced in Japan, Prime Minister Abe expressed hope for their relaxation or abolition. Crown Prince Salman replied that his country will hold discussions of experts on the matter. Prime Minister Abe said Japan hopes to boost cooperation with Saudi Arabia in the areas of infrastructure, the diversification of industry, human resources development and investment promotion. He also asked for the smooth issuance of Saudi entry visas to Japanese nationals.

4. Regional Situation and Cooperation in International ArenaThe two leaders exchanged views on the situation in the Middle East and Asia, as well as on various issues concerning international society and finished with the signing of documents including the Memorandum on Cooperation between the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) and the Japan Cooperation Center for the Middle East (JCCME).”


Japan's PM Abe and his Australian counterpart Abbott depart the House of Representatives after Abe's address to a joint sitting at Parliament House in Canberra

JULY 2014- Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Australian counterpart Tony Abbott on Tuesday signed an economic partnership pact as well as an agreement on military equipment and technology transfers, a week after Abe loosened curbs on Japan’s military.


The Japanese and Russian leaders exchanged views on a wide range of issues a peace treaty and cooperation in all areas, including economy, culture, security and international problems




Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also held a meeting with the Japanese and Jordanian business community at the Royal Palace in Amman, Jordan. His Majesty King Abdullah and visiting Prime Minister Abe held talks at Al Husseiniya Palace on means to boost bilateral ties and regional developments. [Reported As Follows:]

” Welcoming the Japanese premier, whose country has recently offered the Kingdom a soft loan of $100 million and a grant totalling approximately 2.4 billion yen ($1 is around 118 yen) to implement development projects, King Abdullah said: “We greatly appreciate your presence and the presence of your delegation not only in Jordan, but the tour that you are doing through the region,” noting that Japan has had a historical presence in this region, “one as an honest broker”.

He said Japan has always been looked at in high esteem because of the positive role it has played for the peoples of the region.

“We have all greatly appreciated the historic support that Jordan has received from your country and your people, and — even more recently — the support that your country has given us through our challenges of [hosting] Syrian refugees, as well as your role that you have played in the peace process.”

His Majesty added: “I know that there are many challenges facing the region, but again I think this new level of partnership between Japan and Jordan will strengthen the relationship between our two countries as we face the next level of challenges.”

Emphasising the common challenges, King Abdullah said that what brings Japan and Jordan together today is “the global threat of international terrorism, and I believe that working hand-in-hand, this will solidify our relationship, and this is the challenge of this generation; and I believe that there is a lot of work to do between our two countries — as with many countries around the world — and I think this will actually be of tremendous significance, Your Excellency, you, as prime minister, are in the right place at the right time for your country and for the world.”

For his part, Abe highlighted Jordan’s reputation at the world level as a country that exerts utmost efforts to foster security and stability, and plays a key role in confronting terrorist groups, in addition to its humanitarian assistance to Syrian refugees.

He also stressed Japan’s support for efforts to achieve Middle East peace, voicing his country’s concern about the current stalemate in the peace process and the disruption of negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis.
He said he would urge the two sides to move forward with the peace process, as he was expected to meet top Palestinian and Israeli officials during his tour, which has also taken him to Egypt, according to a Royal Court statement. Turning to the economy, he underlined the fact that a large business delegation accompanied him on the visit attests to Japan’s commitment to developing its economic relations with Jordan. Moreover, the Japanese premier commended Jordan’s contribution to international peacekeeping efforts, according to the statement.

King Abdullah underscored the importance of Abe’s visit and the significance of the accompanying delegation, adding that this cooperation would lead to establishing key projects in the sectors of energy, transport, water, technology and vocational training. King Abdullah expressed his appreciation for Japan in empowering the Kingdom to achieve sustainable development through partnerships and joint investments which can help create jobs for Jordanians and mitigate poverty. The talks, attended by senior officials from the two countries, addressed unprecedented regional developments and challenges, and ways to deal with them, especially the dangers of terrorism and extremism, which he said necessitate an ongoing international effort to combat the phenomenon. On the Middle East peace process, King Abdullah stressed the centrality of the Palestinian issue, noting that unless a just and a viable solution is reached, the region will continue to see tension, and rising extremism and violence. Regarding Syria, the King stressed Jordan’s support for a political solution to the crisis. His Majesty highlighted the various burdens borne by Jordan as a result of the large number of Syrian refugees in the Kingdom. He stressed the importance of the international community’s support for Jordan to help it pursue its humanitarian mission, extending his appreciation of Japan for its assistance in this field.

Speaking to the Jordan News Agency, Petra, Planning and International Cooperation Minister Ibrahim Saif said the visit of the Japanese delegation had two dimensions-one regarding ties at the official level, while the other had to do with cooperation among private sector representatives in the two countries.

“We have concluded negotiations with the Japanese to obtain a $100 million loan, with a grace period of seven years and with a low interest rate to support and finance the budget deficit,” the minister said. Saif added that the Japanese prime minister also announced that his country was extending $28 million in additional assistance to support certain sectors in Jordan as well as the Kingdom’s efforts in hosting Syrian refugees in the year 2015.

In addition, Saif said, Jordan outlined to the visiting delegation several projects that are “historically of interest to Japan”, including the “peace corridor” between Northern and Sourthern Shuneh in the Jordan Valley, the rehabilitation of the King Hussein Bridge over the Jordan River linking Jordan and Palestine, and some industrial projects.

As for the second dimension of the visit, the minister said the Japanese business leaders expressed interest in investments in Jordan as they consider the Kingdom an oasis of peace that enables them to access neighbouring markets. Abe and the accompanying delegation left Amman later in the day at the conclusion of the two-day official visit to the Kingdom.”


I feel indignation over this immoral and heinous act of terrorism. When I think of the grief of his family, I am left speechless. We are filled with deep regret. We are deeply saddened by this despicable and horrendous act of terrorism, and we denounce it in the strongest terms. To the terrorists, we will never, never forgive them for this act! -Prime Minister of Japan

Japan will not cease providing humanitarian aid in the Middle East as ISIS continues its bloody quest to solidify an Islamic state across parts of Iraq and Syria.

“We would like to expand our support for refugees, We are surely going to have necessary support in terms of not yielding to terrorism” –Chief Yoshihide Suga

President Barack Obama described it as a “barbaric act” and  the United States stands in solidarity

Japanese and American Defense

Protesters hold up pictures of Jordan's King Abdullah and pilot Muath al-Kasaesbeh, who was killed by ISIS militants.  Jordan's air force has vowed to wipe out the militants.






We need Nintendo boots on the ground! Nintendo is Japans second most valuable company, Toyata being #1. Nintendo has already been proven to save lives through software, already proven to protect their consumers against social destructivity rejecting blasphemous influence proposed throughout industry. Nintendo policy strictly published on their hardware prohibited political and religious symbolism if perceived that value of Nintendo’s image becomes vulnerable resulting in the contents reception closely measured against evident behavioral imprints following release. This includes sexual pornographic and racist displays and although exceptions have been made the firm has consistently in both its past and future anchored the platform coinciding with community standards commonly established across the global regions accordingly.


ISIS radical religion promoting the defects weaponizing media currently disrupting the order of Islam via ethnic cleansing in the Middle East could prove of little effect in a prepared Nintendo market when seeking penetration of its doctrine through entertainment. Some evidence to support such interpretation found as swastikas commonly associated in North America with radical Christian death group KKK, who comparatively also expanded their community into new female demographics (aligned with the common global modernization including tactics undergone by ISIS) have throughout time been eliminated exclusively in USA making apparent Nintendo’s diverse tolerance and approach bleeding out and adapting to varying regions of the world, specific to the expected cultural impacts applicable. Middle Eastern integration require such dedicated fitness trained in social engineering comfortably differentiating religious perversion from established practices leaving Nintendo as prime candidate being most capable and experienced ushering in new eras of social development if and when focused in a proposed predominantly religious governing region since reigning as worlds largest video game innovator out of Japan.


Binding of Isaac is a recent title produced that famously obtained elevated criticism upon its reception among IP approval submission teams of Nintendo illustrating the holders firm stance regarding any opportunity leading alternate religious implications despite dedicated “no concept approval” indie development programs. The developer before abandoning Nintendo development despite meeting required ratings in select EU regions (failing to sway Nintendo’s decision) addressed the industry with specification of his rejection:

” Nintendo passed on it due to problems the religious aspects of the game might cause. I don’t have details on what aspect of “religion” they are most bothered by, but I did hear that they didn’t care about any blasphemy in games, but cared more about religion period and how something based on the bible might effect things…



Although exploring the past is important the goal is where games will take us in the future. Games are the best example of shared dedication worldwide with a scope of content with such vulnerability in widespread interaction & violent mixtures of divided expressions originating from all corners of human emotions sourcing through the aroused feelings triggered by the creators at work. To maintain civil operation business councils and government funded privatization committees inspire legislation dedicated to innovating the future ahead by confronting the social issues challenging humanity as we know it. In collaboration around the world, strategies are bringing ideas and solutions through technology as a weapon to end poverty, through methods of unemployment eradication by making industry networks more efficient for the manufacturers and accessible by the consumer driving business with force. Never falling short these same advances heal pollution by streamlining resources within corporate production, their overhead regulated procedures, and distribution across the population An engine around the world with modular parts.

 In the video game atmosphere we are well indoctrinated into this familar evolution of innovation through the many focused social events and summits hosted by leading manufacture in the entertainment market. These annual events perpetuate international leaders and their promoted inventions delivered through platform holders, indies, non-profit parties, organized business ventures, all of which succeed in invigorating the brightest graduates whom always entering our tired business and attracting our imagination. Students beyond influence of our mainstream pro entertained competitive resistance which at times is illustrating as a noted advertisement perversion. Newcomers with something to prove emerge with an approach to problem solving that regardless in the end strengthen our psychology through experience becoming of tomorrows education.


“What’s interesting about video games from a government perspectives tends not to be about the games themselves, but the outcomes” -Former White House senior gaming advisor Mark Deloura

Nintendo sponsored DICE 2015’s themed summit of “WITHOUT BORDERS” offering platinum level support in accordance with hosting of various acclaimed speakers who so far this year all of which have been honorably identified by the organization to be leading in their field working ahead. Diving face first against the overcast of the next era’s gaming and expression clouding tomorrows objectives. Decades of change and research between games and education highlighted a majority of the 2015 Vegas keynotes from attendees. Tracy Fullerton USC’s VG Division Director opened DICE with: explosive observations identifying the fact video game design and education will become unified at length in doing so improving public works. Next gen hiring practice discussions targeting large AAA crowds using high level officials responsible in government funded educational activity such as the White House’s Game Jam even shed light illustrating unified global research and developments through out the events schedule igniting momentum.



Demonstrated on a global level every current technological production represented in every angle of current development confirm the understanding that the next generation of material and innovation, are specifically oriented to improving the quality of life. From non wearable, to non operating via capable AI equipped with advanced sensors right under our fingers things are rapidly changing that which surrounds us. Traditional interface between our technology and even the way we travel, and essentially live, is reflective in the entire scope of all industrial arts outreaching between and right now gaming could be leading the pack and more specifically, Nintendo.


This consistent pattern and philosophy is an area of which that the single underlying foundation currently uplifting the way we choose to experience our life cycle, micromanaging as efficiently and time saving as possible, is so long engraved in society today if games can harness that humanity there is a bright future in social freedom

download (1)

Perhaps, if global violent circles circulate a more integratetd gaming network as a social recruiting mechanism in the hijacking of our emotional discipline it would be of little effect. Therefore when exploring all angles it becomes clear that if democratic ideological influence in the form of religion, and law fail to penetrate the hearts of the remote people isolated within odd tradition, that if provided with the tools for human emotion can equally improve the quality of life through games.


In increasing trends digital activists within these regions have been busy working hard to expand options for Arabic speaking communities around the world with little or no help. These Initiatives exist with intention to alert organizations like Nintendo of a huge and starved fan base in the Arabic market but unfortunately indie campaigns must suffice an entire region. Luckily  contributions like these are made possible due to the fact the individuals behind activity enjoy the whole 3 year process bringing Nintendo content to over 100,000 of the since confirmed digital gamers in isolated regions of the world.


Laila Shabir coupled with husband Ish co-founded an educational studio LearnDistrict in southern CA. Using volunteers, sponsorships with corporate connections at federal museums, Nintendo’s affiliated University Digi Pen,  and Google alike cultural history being written today all around the world gaining momentum with 3 Week “Girls Make Games” concentrated training camps. Curriculum targeting several elements across all levels of production and integrated business capabilities with course involvement from industry figures like Double Fine’s
Tim Schafer and USC’s Tracy Fullerton provide diverse skills and experience to girls ages 9 to 16.”

It felt like I was present at the start of something big.” Tim Shafer

“It was an honor  encouraging girls to bend and manipulate the technology they use on a daily basis, the way game makers embrace,” Kellee Santiago  Ouya

Expanding incredibly on global scale the education foundation has not only integrated into locales such as Dubai, Melbourne, Sydney but have challenged growth in the Middle East aswell.

Our mission now is to teach 1 million girls how to make video games by the year 2020.” -Shabir




Could it be capable ending the violence overseas not with further agression, but with seducing expression? Not with a gun, but with a controller? Not with a book, but with a game? A future with a brighter quality of life indeed, and it all starts this year! One could dream that in all our business forward together as a single unit, gamers, and developers, information circulation’s esteemed journo pros all coupled and uniformed by coordinated collaboration we all should priortize a future that makes gaming an essential product of life regardless of region, effects of which I believe would prove life changing to many!

TFLE contains a preamble and 18 Articles in Japan. The law sets out the purposes and objectives of education and provides for equal opportunity in education, compulsory education, coeducation, social education, political education, religious education, educational administration, etc.

“The Full Development Of Personality”

JPN Preamble to the Fundamental Code of Education


” It is only by building up his character, developing his mind, and cultivating his talents that man may make his way in the world, employ his wealth wisely, make his business prosper, and thus attain the goal of life. But man cannot build up his character, develop his mind, or cultivate his talents without education – that is the reason for the establishment of schools. Language, writing, and arithmetic, to begin with, are daily necessities in military affairs, government, agriculture, trade arts, law, politics, astronomy, and medicine; there is not, in short, a single phase of human activity which is not based on learning. Only by striving in the line of his natural aptitude can man proper in his undertakings, accumulate wealth, and succeed in life.Learning is the key to success in life, and no man can afford to neglect it. It is ignorance that leads man astray, makes him destitute, disrupts his family, and in the end destroys his life. Centuries have elapsed since schools were first established, but man has gone astray through misguidance. Learning being viewed as the exclusive privilege of the samurai and his superiors, farmers, artisans, merchants, and women have neglected it altogether and know not even its meaning. Even those few among the samurai and his superiors who did pursue learning were apt to claim it to be for the state not knowing that it was the very foundation of success in life. They indulged in poetry, empty reasoning, and idle discussions, and their dissertations, while not lacking in elegance, were seldom applicable to life. This was due to our evil traditions and, in turn, was the very cause which checked the spread of culture, hampered the development of talent and accomplishments, and sowed the seeds of poverty, bankruptcy, and disrupted homes. Every man should therefore pursue learning; and in doing so he should not misconstrue its purpose. Accordingly, the Department of Education will soon establish an educational system and will revise the regulations relating thereto from time to time; wherefore there shall, in the future, be no community with an illiterate family, nor a family with an illiterate person. Every guardian, acting in accordance with this, shall bring up his children with tender care, never failing to have them attend school. (While advanced education is left to the ability and means of the individual, a guardian who fails to send a young child, whether a boy or a girl, to primary school shall be deemed negligent of his duty.)Heretofore, however, the evil tradition which looked upon learning as the privilege of the samurai and his superiors and as being for the state caused many to depend upon the government for the expenses of education, even to such items as food and clothing; and, failing to receive such support, many wasted their lives by not going to school. Hereafter such errors must be corrected, and every man shall, of his own accord, subordinate all other matter to the education of his children.”

Moral Education is constant debate in government and academia. There were added provisions to the law since regarding moral education devised to satisfy conservatives and patriots with global integration of progressive movements as quoted:

“to foster an attitude to respect our traditions and culture, love the country and region that nurtured them, together with respect for other countries and a desire to contribute to world peace and the development of the international community”

A short few years later after the original 1872 established educational measures were indoctrinated Nintendo had been created. But why? The Japanese government had banned all foreign playing cards and games in 1633 trying to deter gambling. For the next 250 years the government continued doing the same thing with every new card game that appeared. In 1883, the government accepted a new card game “Hanafuda” directly following that a young entrepreneur named Fusajiro Yamauchi came in 1889. He opened the first “Hanafuda” card shop called “Nintendo Koppai” which evolved over time into our familiar Nintendo, and reigns supreme as the largest video game company on Earth, thanks to the Japanese government!



To date The Ministry of Education Culture Sports Science And Technology in the Japanese government’s Policy Planning and Coordination Division, Lifelong Learning Policy Bureau, has outlined there plans for the Laws and regulations necessary to implement the provisions stipulated, and have detailed in the Economic Revitalization Case projections aimed as necessary arrangements to be made immediately and were outlined through new measures adopted in the revised Strategy of June 2013




                                  PREAMBLE 2013

We, the citizens of Japan, desire to further develop the democratic and cultural state we have built through our untiring efforts, and contribute to the peace of the world and the improvement of the welfare of humanity. To realize these ideals, we shall esteem individual dignity, and endeavor to bring up people who long for truth and justice, honor the public spirit, and are rich in humanity and creativity, while promoting an education which transmits tradition and aims at the creation of a new culture. We hereby enact this Act, in accordance with the spirit of the Constitution of Japan, in order to establish the foundations of education and promote an education that opens the way to our country’s future

 Chapter 1 Aims and Principles of Education.. ()
 Chapter 2 Basics of Education Provision..()
 Chapter 3 Education Administration..()

..Chapter 4 Enactment of Laws and Regulations:

” In National Strategic Special Zones, following themes will be examined : 1. Encouraging foreigners to start businesses, revising requirements for initial visa status. 2. Accepting foreign home support workers and establish new systems to encourage active use of foreign human resources (Nursing) Enable foreign nationals who have obtained the national nursing qualifications by learning at Japanese schools, to work in the field of nursing care. [Details to be formulated within 2014] Incorporation of “nursing” as a job covered by Technical Intern Training System to be considered. [Conclusion within 2014]. Manufacturing Accept foreign workers at overseas subsidiaries of Japanese corporations. Limited to the cases meeting certain conditions, such as short-term transfer within corporate groups for technical training. [Detailed system to be formulated by the end of March 2015]. Home Support Enable people from abroad to work as home support in National Strategic Special Zones. Private home support service companies will be the employers, whereas local municipality monitors the system. Economic Revitalization is Essential for Fiscal Consolidation. The government aims to halve the primary deficit of the central and local governments to GDP ratio by FY2015 from the ratio in FY2010 (FY2010:-6.6%→FY2015:-3.3%) and to achieve a primary surplus by FY2020. “

"Japan must become a place where women shine." Via World Economic Forum.

Japan Will Increase Female Management 30% By 2020




The dates projected in Japans nationwide Revitalization legislation found above^ seem very familiar…. Basics of the report can be found here

“Based on the revised Courses of Study, the government is promoting the development of children’s richness in mind and physical health, which constitute the source of power to leading a better life throughout a lifetime. In addition, the government seeks the development of awareness as members of society and qualities essential to responsible citizens”

“Details Formulated In 2014” 
“Conclusion in 2014” 
“Detailed system to be formulated by the end of March 2015” 
Primary surplus by FY2020

In 2014 Iwata announced “Quality Of Life” (Improving lifestyes in en-joy-able ways)

Today (January 2014) I would like my presentation limited to the general direction of our new business, but I plan to announce more details within 2014. I then plan to talk about its specific features and a clearer vision of what we really mean. New business will be launched during the fiscal year which begins in April 2015…..”




In 2008 Tokyo’s Joshi Gakuen all-girls Junior High School were issued Nintendo hardware and software to teach English to Japanese speaking students. In 2009 10 schools across the nation in exclusive research program for cultural development the Japanese Board of Education in Osaka distributed all students attending the 10 facilities Nintendo handheld DS systems which were subsidized by the government. Mandatorily, every student were issued a single system required to use a variety of educational software in lessons.


Assistant Language Teacher. An ALT is a foreign helper to be employed for foreign language education at schools. ALTs are supposed to work along with school teachers for “team teaching. NHK reported communications giant NTT is working with Nintendo on speech recognition technology. The fact that the research will enhance the lives of disabled children contributes to the interest of other companies in the development. Nintendo working with mobile phone carrier NTT on new voice recognition tech that can convert spoken words into text. The tech also suitable students with disabilities. Words are converted to text, and the data is stored and accessed through the cloud, allowing students to also review and study later as well as see spoken words written in real time. The goal is to eventually have hearing-impaired children use as a communication tool outside the classroom.

Developed by NTT to be used in any electronic device

 It has been increasingly forgotten over the past 20 years that Japan has a great deal to offer the United States and the world. In security affairs, a vibrant Japan and healthy Japan–U.S. alliance will help stabilize an otherwise volatile East Asia for another generation. In economics, post war Japan was a major force for greater global competition and the increasing prosperity seen around the world from 1950 to 1990.”



Learn english

Japan’s Headquarters for the Revitalization of Education has compiled a proposal which includes making it a prerequisite to score above a certain number of points in the Test of English before being allowed to enter university.

“The development of human resources is essential for achieving the Abe Cabinet’s most important issue, economic revitalization. Moving away from egalitarianism, strategic human resource development aimed at strengthening top achievers will be undertaken.”

Prime Minister Of Japan Hotel New Otani 2013
Asahi Education Summit Hotel New Otani 2015

Asahi Shimbun’s highly regarded education proceedings challenged the worlds future of education bolstered by government globalization legislation all tailored to nurture human resources across the border confronting growing world scale problems and the inherent social challenges expected. Nationwide reform in Japanese universities have repeatedly since revitalization declarations redefined opportunity for expansion and devised efforts that correspond to this accelerating internationalization with new Super Global University initiatives.  Celebrating breakthrough developments and achieved progress Japan opened doors to the elite “across the border” featuring privileged education lecturers from universities training the business communities of the world. Deepening commitments in our future concerning higher international standards together corresponding into an advanced evolution through education. Penetration possible by innovating a dependable infrastructure from the core. Aimed to put the world in view equal opportunities unrestricted to not only officials were evident as event documented opinions and concepts voiced by young students as well as concerned parents gaining astrengthening collaboration using every social tier.

President Iwata from Nintendo has been confirmed to be at the hotel attending the event being at the Hotel since late January has since scheduled IR results meeting February 17th, with the Japanese Prime Minister speeking to the country on the 20th.

Japanese Prime Minister Thinks Country Can Learn from...Nintendo

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (when asked for his growth strategy for Japan) had the following to say:

“ Well, for example, there’s a company called Nintendo. Over there, they made hanafuda cards, but gradually the people playing hanafuda decreased. However, that company called Nintendo makes hanafuda cards and whatnot, and I believe that only by doing that, it wasn’t able to protect hanafuda. So Nintendo used technical expertise to lead the way in developing home video game consoles. And at the same time, it is keeping the traditional hanafuda cards. For sure, I think this is something that we can learn from. “



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