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VR on the Nintendo Switch will not happen

by onApril 27, 2017

VR on the Nintendo Switch will not happen


Aint gonna Happen

In a hilarious article, published by Upload VR, claims are made by Nintendrew that VR is already a possibility on the Switch. To demonstrate, Nintendrew placed the Switch in a headset and used an exploit to access Nintendos hidden browser. It was at this point, he navigated to a pre-recorded/rendered video and played it back with satisfactory results.

The power just isn’t there.

What his video does not account for is the processing power required to achieve a true 3d experience. Video Playback is one thing, but rendering 3d VR content on the fly is a completely different cup of tea. I love my Nintendo Switch, so much, in fact, I waited 15 hours in line to get it, but the console struggles to maintain a consistent framerate with launch titles even after updates.

The Nintendo Switch just doesn’t have the power to achieve a fullVR experience Perhaps we will see something in the VR realm following the life of the Switch but it’s not happening this generation.

Source: Upload VR

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  • TheChosen

    Such a shame, if you ask me…

    but understandable.