Nexis Games New Wii U Game Revealed [VIDEO ★ Commentary]

by onJanuary 7, 2015



There lived a boy known by the name of Ballzee Mcgee. Ballzee was part of a peaceful civilization known as the Ballers, famous throughout the galaxy for their special currency. Their currency was special because it was the most valuable currency in the UniverseIt contains magic abilities that allowed those in possession to buy their way into forbidden worlds.

Ballzee Mcgee is known for having a bad attitude and because of this he was respected by his peers and elders within the community, but little did they know their fate would soon be in his hands..       “

 bAll or Nothing from Nexis Games jumping from Austin Texas confirmed to be going balls out coming to Wii U. After all.. what is a Wii with no bAll right? Nothing! The commentary above comes from the newly revealed footage introducing the concept. bAll or Nothing’s lead developer and Nexis Games founder the playful Isaiah White, has submitted his latest game to Nintendo’s lotcheck and in doing so surprised everyone as his start for our new year! Much to my appreciation the quirky developer is as busy as ever  going balls deep in the new blue ocean of 2015. All evidence points to this fast becoming the second published title rolling from within the indie carrier and landing on Nintendo’s busy platform. The developer has pledged early support for the console in 2013 having several strikingly large IP remaining in the works being the highly anticipated UCraft, scheduled to arrive before the even bigger Dance of the Damned along 2015/2016 respectively.


bAll or Nothings release will after following Nintendo’s testing procedures target NA as its launch territory, with more coverage to be revealed in the future. At launch Nintendo gamers will be able to pre-download the title via the Nintendo eShop for the low ball price of $1.99 whom’s purchases are aimed at giving a supporting hand to the AAA still to come. An easy enough proposition to wrap your head around we agree here at Nuggets!


Details are promised to be uncovered shortly before release according to the developer, a trusted sponsor of Nintendo Nuggets, so keep it cocked and loaded for more leading up to the climax as captured images of bAll are exposed through the night! Leave your thoughts about the reveal below! :)


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