Draw the Line playable demo is on the way

by onApril 28, 2017

Draw the Line playable demo is on the way


It’s been a long road

As many of you have pointed out, I’ve been away for quite som time.Fortunately, when I’m quiet is when I get the most done and today I am here to showcase a small portion of what’s been worked on in my absence.

I’m happy to report that Draw the line had made great progress since the last update and I hope to have a playable demo uploaded to our website very soon. Many of you have been concerned with the fate of the game now that the Nintendo Switch has been released and we are happy to report that the Wii U version will still be released.

We do intend to bring all of our games to the Switch eventually, however, we intend to keep our Wii U promises. Before posting this article, we hoped to make a small video but we are currently moving a large amount of data across our network and currently, do not have access to the game data,

Screen Shots


screen 1 screen 2

Details on the upcoming Nuggets Arcade Launch.

Nothing special will be required to play our upcoming gaming titles. As time passes, we hope to have demos of all of our games, in addition to full games to show our appreciation for our audience and those who stood by us in the hardest of times. We’ll be sure to update this post once the service goes live and as always, thanks for your support!

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