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Disney Shamelessly Steals Splatoon Maps & Gameplay In New AOC [DETAILS]

by onSeptember 13, 2015


BUSTED? Disney has announced “Squid Wars” as AOC for Disney Infinity 3.0. Not only is it reminding in its name to be similar to Splatoon, but the gameplay objective of itself in its turf wars added together with aforementioned amounts to something rather inexcusable. Furthermore to make matters worse for creators producing at Disney this offering comes complete with an uninspired and generic attempt at blatantly ripping off an actual Nintendo Splatoon environment currently playable on WiiU called Arawana Mall, the following image is alternatively the stage of Squid Wars and doesn’t reach the standard near what Nintendo have delivered earlier this year (see Disney’s rip off below)




I think its fair to say Disney is butthurt over Nintendo collaboration giving Activision access to Nintendo IP and exclusive Amiibo content for their own software line Skylanders licensed by Nintendo which could be considered by most in direct competition with Disney Infinity in the Toys to Life market at retail. This is not the first time Disney has without any merit taken advantage of situations regarding the using other peoples property in the marketing of their own products for as we have seen before they have incorporated Amiibo into unfair and failed comparisons in their recent marketing aimed to promote Infinity leading up onto its launch purposefully attacking Nintendos figurine platform in order to build momentum for upcoming Disney licensed items compatible with the very same software featured here today.




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