Discussion: November for Third Party games

by onNovember 6, 2017

This month we are expecting a ton of Third party games and there is quite a number of titles coming out from different developers. Nintendo decided to release Super Mario Odyssey last week in october and it shows that Nintendo is really pushing for third party games by allowing them to take over the month of November While there are many titles coming out there is something out for everyone whether you are a fan of shooters, horror, soccer, cars etc… We are all excited to see all the titles releasing this month and lets go over some of the titles releasing.


Resident Evil Revelation Collection is an upcoming game for the Nintendo Switch which includes both the first and second revelation game. The First game will come physically while the second one will be a digital download and it will be included inside the box. If you don’t feel like buying both then you can buy either one digitally for $20 each and what makes this unique is all the features it comes with. The game will have motion control so it will feel like you are being part of the action and these are optional also the second game will have split joycon controls. Want to pass on the controller to a family member or a friend? then just pass the joycon and enjoy taking down enemies together.and this will release on November 28th.

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L.A. Noire is a game where you can control detective phelps in going into crime scenes and investigate in order to solve all these bizarre crimes happening. Coming from rockstar you can feel like a detective with the unique features in the game such as motion controls and touch controls for that extra feeling of being a detective. Explore the beautiful world of L.A. in the 1940’s and have an experience like no other when you learn how to solve crime back in the 40’s. where there was no technology. Just a reminder that the game will cost $50 and will need a 14gb install if you buy the game physically but if that doesn’t bother you then go for this game on November 14th.


DOOM is releasing this friday for the Nintendo Switch and we haven’t seen a DOOM game since the Nintendo 64. Fight your way through many enemies in this shooter and get the feeling of ripping off your enemies and shoot your way in order to survive. Enjoy the full single player campaign on the go or at home since the physical edition will have it all and if you are feeling a bit competitive and want to battle it out with friends or just with other gamers then install the 9gb download to enjoy it. Everything in the multiplayer download will be included so enjoy this action pack shooter.


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The Elders Scroll V: Skyrim is coming to the nintendo switch on November 17th and this is one game that is bringing the action. The game will be in the cartridge complete and what makes this game unique is that you can obtain special Legend of Zelda clothing and weapons by scanning amiibos also you can use motion controls to enjoy the experience further. If you are a fan of RPG and Legend of Zelda then this might be one game you may want to check out.


Rocket League is coming to the Nintendo Switch on November 14th and this is one competitive game with a brilliant concept. Are you a big fan of soccer and cars? Then look no further and compete with friends in this fun soccer game while driving a car in order to make goals. Learn new tricks and gain skills in order to become the ultimate player. This game will have Nintendo Custom vehicles in order to make the experience more fun but you will have to earn them before using them. This will also have cross play which will allows to play with other players on different consoles.

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