Discussion: Nintendo Switch game sizes

by onNovember 5, 2017

The Nintendo Switch has been a great success for Nintendo with an incredible first party software and third party support. Everything seems to be going well and it’s incredible to see all the success Nintendo has right now. There is currently one topic that pops into my head simply because we learned about games that are releasing this month which is dedicated to third party games. There are quite a number of games releasing and we are all excited to see the support switch is getting from third party. However, there are quite a few games that are releasing that are interesting to me but the file sizes kind of keep me away from it and below I will give some examples where I’m going with this.

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L.A. Noire is one of the upcoming third party games that I am truly excited about and it has quite the features to make the game feel unique. I really was excited to pick this up but since the news that the game will need a 14gb install if you have the cartridge, kind of made me question a few things. The game will cost $10 more compared to the other versions and the pricing will be $49.99 which is fine since it is on a cartridge and it’s probably pricier then using disk. However with this type of cost I expected the full game to be on the cartridge only to find out that If i buy the physical version I need 14gb free on my switch in order to play it.


WWE 2K18 for the nintendo switch will be released soon and I am a huge WWE fan. When the announcement came that WWE games are returning to the Nintendo consoles I was truly excited and hope that everything would be fine. This week we got the news that the game will need a 24GB install if we buy the Physical version. That kind of feels like alot because we are going to pay full price for the game and aside from that we need extra memory for the switch which only makes things feel like we have to pay extra in order to play some games.


DOOM Is releasing for the Nintendo Switch next week and one thing we did know ahead of time was that we would have to download 9GB into order to play multiplayer but the full single mode is on the cartridge. The game will have all content and the multiplayer will also have all content but in this case multiplayer is optional and we can decided whether we want to download it or not.

The switch is an incredible system with a unique concept but one thing that truly concerns me is how much memory will our switch need in the future because some games are really big and we have to do installs in order to play. At first it doesn’t feel like much but when you start seeing that it will only take a few games to make your memory full and that concerns me about the games in the future. Now a day some games have pretty big sizes and not everything will fit on the switch cartridge which means that we will have to do some type of install in the future. I really hope down the line that certain game will fit on cartridge in order to have minor installs but at the same time I wouldn’t be surprised if switch games eventually cost $69.99 simply to justify to cartridge cost and all that stuff. Hopefully next year will be a bright one and we can all hope that upcoming games won’t have such huge download installs.

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