DeNA Reconfirm Targeted 200M User Nintendo Mobile Install Base By 2017

by onSeptember 13, 2015

DeNA West CEO Shintaro Asako in discussion with AlistDaily has elaborated further on core strategy in the partnership with Nintendo delivering new mobile initiatives never before seen utilizing Nintendo’s first party IP. In March 2015 not too long passed during initial official reveal describing new ongoing business between the two companies DeNA spoke of a target envisioned moving forward into production totaling a quarter million users ushered in with the first 5 games. Today we see the ambitious Western executive update Nintendo press confirming previous corporate anticipations have not changed since last quarter. You can find an excerpt below from the conversation with additional new details within:




“Hundreds of millions of people have bought Nintendo consoles. Those are people who decided to spend a minimum of $200 just to get access to Nintendo IP. That number is already twice as big as the Candy Crush total user base. Not only that, every single person buying Nintendo devices spends an average of about $100 per year on software. So I have no question that when Nintendo’s mobile games come out, at least 150 or 200 million people will try it. These people are super core Nintendo fans who used to spending $150 to $250 just to access the content. Let’s say only 10% end up playing, and then those users pay $3 a month, that’s still perhaps a $60 million dollar a month game. We know Nintendo IP is powerful, but we need to let people know the game is coming out. From that perspective I think mass marketing makes sense for Nintendo games. Usually you have more on digital marketing and later on the mass marketing kicks in, because you don’t want to start mass marketing until you’ve evaluated LTV (long-term value), because otherwise you might be wasting money. When you have strong IP like Nintendo you can kind of predict what kind of installs you can get, so to reach the level of mass-marketing isn’t that much of a risk.”




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