Wii U: Cube Life Admitts Title Fails To Compare To Ucraft, Requests Community Alert

by onJune 15, 2015


A portion of thrilling a conversation between developers and Nintendo Life:

TP: UCRAFT is the only title with an infinite world generator. You can walk for years and years and never reach an end in UCraft.

NL: Sounds like a right hoot.

NG: UCraft does in fact have infinite worlds. The limits of the game are only set by the amount of freespace available on your Wii U and UCraft save files are extremely small.

CL: Greetings from Cube Life developers. You probably refers to Cube Life long save time… Well, we are curious and really need to ask: Can you confirm to Nintendo community that Ucraft infinite world is fully modifiable and the save files are extremely small?

NG:  I wasn’t talking or referring to you but yes, I”ll upload a small video later today. Also, please do not compare our engines as they are not in the same league. Your world is 100% static and you pre-load blocks. Seems to us you purposely poorly executed the backend of your game in an attempt to beat the comp at the consumers expense. Those loading times are 100% unacceptable and you know it.

CL: LOL. You are wrong, because Cube Life world is 100% dynamic. You can change every block on it, save it and it will be changed. Can you modify every single block and save it very quickly in your infinite world? How long it will take to save the game in Ucraft on the Wii U?

NG: Yes you can modify every block, is that even a notable feature for a sandbox game? UCraft uses on the fly terrain generation utilizing perlin noise/worms which is what allows for infinite worlds. From the looks of cube life you guys simply designed your world post run-time scene by scene in unity making your environment static not dynamic like you claim. UCraft is 100% dynamic, the real deal! It takes about 3 seconds to save and I’m being generous here

TP:  Each individual face of a single UCRAFT block can be individually textured using SDK Paint. That is 1 block with 4 sides and 1 top 1 bottom illustrated using 6 individual user generated textures

CL: Let me ask. Is it possible to texture every single block with its own (different) texture? I doubt this is possible…able features of “sandbox” in games mean an open-world with non-linear play. Even games like Arma or Far Cry, they are open-world games and have limited maps. Sandbox game genre does not mean Infinite world…

TP: Yes, of course. Every single block with 6 different textures each, 1 per block face. (see the above post).

NG: It’s very possible and quite simple

CL: There is a limited RAM (and other HW limits) on the Wii U for infinite world itself… and it will be very challenging to run an infinite world including main hero + NPCs + UI + weapons + items + crafting + custom textures + 16 online players and keep everything on smooth playable frame-rate. We have doubts…

TP: Challenging? Yes. Impossible? No. Thankfully for Nintendo Gamers we are up to it.

NG: Tell that to the dev-kit its running on. Just because you can’t pull it off doesn’t mean I can’t.  you seem to be confused on how to handle RAM limitations I figured I’d give you a small lesson on how real voxel engines work. UCraft handles world generation procedurally and has the ability to Create and Destroy voxels as needed. In order to bypass the Ram limitations all I needed to do was figure out exactly how much the Wii U can handle at one time. Once I figured this out it was a simple matter of creating/destroying voxels as needed to stay within the limitation of the system. To avoid excessive save and loading times UCraft save files were broken down into region files and are only referenced as needed. It would be a novice move to load the entire stage at one time. This seems to be the case on CL.

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  • bread

    but will it have local multiplayer?
    (split screen or 1 person on tv, 1 on tablet)

  • Max Prime

    this is just really shitty of Nexis games, really shitty, basically, what has happened here is, Ucraft pissed off their entire fanbase with delays and broken promises, ported to PC then went back on it, now Cube Life has beaten them to the punch, they are bitter about it and feel threatened. Nexis games just handled it badly and fucked up, and that’s gonna show in the sales, at least admit to your mistakes instead of taking them out on the other guy. Ucraft did not own CubeLife here, they just made themselves appear to be immature.

    • Nexis Games


      • Max Prime

        that’s exactly the response i expected, completely lacking any care.

        • Nexis Games

          Happy we didn’t disappoint :)

          • TheChosen

            I´m still interested in your game.
            What People DO NOT UNDERSTAND:
            Cube LIFE was never going to be like Minecraft. Ist not a Mine-craft clone at all.
            Cube Life Shares some similar things you do in Minecraft, such as crafting items and some items are also similar. But- the changes to Minecraft are big:
            – No Procedural world-generation. So you cannot just walk endlessly and the world is changing each time you visit it again.
            – No Openworld. You have regions you pass- like in Monster Hunter. And when you pass them the game has a big loading-screen. Well until the update that loading-screen is big, maybe the improve upon it. Since ist not procedural, the games items, where they lie, and everything other is not changing.
            – But the graphics are therefore MUCH BETTER than minecraft- not that blocky items and crappy gaphics.
            See? The graphics are MUCH MUCH better than in Minecraft. And that is…without mods! Yeah, they even said they are going to deliver Mods very soon, so you get the clue.
            And: All of that is just logic, since the game is just 7 Dollars- or well, 15 Dollars when the rebatt-time is over. You know they priced the game just 7 Dollars, since ist not a finished game, but rather a beta of a game. Since ist planned to constantly update it. So yeah…what can you expect for 7 Dollars? A lot of updates…that is clear…But a real minecraft-game? Hell no. At least NOT in the beginning.
            So yeah, again the game shares some similarities to Minecraft, but the games principle is SURVIVING, not just running around and crafting items.
            There are lots more of enemies than in Minecraft, lots more of possibilities. Also:
            Minecraft is pretty easy to win. Enemies are cheap, nothing hard to beat there, easy life is going on in Minecraft, everyone can beat it. But in Cube Life, if you are bad, you will be killed before you can say that you are killed.
            In Cube Life, enemies are VERY hard to master. They constantly respawn once they are dead (well not bosses of course, but the typical natives do!)- and you have sharks and eagles, and countless other enemies, which aren´t in Minecraft.
            And with the update you will have PETS. Yes pets.
            Currently Cube Life has no multiplayer yet, but they are working on it, and in a few days with the 1st Update, they will at least add a Local Multiplayer.
            So yeah, i hope NEXIS is going to deliver what MS Fails to do on WiiU.
            Give us the Minecraft-clone we deserve.
            I bought Cube Life for 7 Dollars and i`m glad i did, since its a nice game (only bad Thing is the framerate sometimes crashes down and the bugs) which you can Play a LOT with and it doesn´T get boring so fast. All these Problems Cube Life currently has, can be ironed out with Updates, which they said they do.
            So yeah, i will still buy UCraft, when i see its worth it.
            All i hope for is:
            UCRAFT will be better than Minecraft, that means:
            – Voice-Chat or Text-Chat and Online-Multiplayer (16-players if thats possible?)
            – real mods (not what they promised in Xbox 360-Version for Minecraft, Promise got broken since Xbox 360 is not ready for it), i saw you delivered that allready
            – a lot more Content.
            – Better graphics (use Assembler-language if you Need to!)
            Give us the Thing which makes Minecraft look like a babies toy…And if you get that done…than yes. I will buy your game once its finished.
            Oh: And i hope you will do Updates to! Because that is what Minecraft lives off!
            So do what i said and the Money of mine (20 Dollars) will be yours. I Hope you have finished your game soon. Because i`m waiting for it!

          • Nexis Games

            Thank you for your input! We will do our best not to disappoint!