Nexis Games response to TDOTD: Draw the Line Community Outrage

by onJanuary 6, 2017

Response from Nexis Games


Nothing brings the gaming community together more than a ‘good ole’ bash session for devs who the community feels could be doing better and Nexis Games was at the top of the list. As many of you know, we got our asses handed to us this morning, and to be perfectly honest, we deserved it.

We admit it, the latest trailer does a poor job showcasing what the game is all about. It was rushed and I do apologize for that. After reading all of your comments (And I read every single one on every website), I feel the need to immediately make up for this failed opportunity, so, I’ll release a better trailer as quick as possible, showing a boss fight, or something that will help you understand what the game is all about and provide more insight into the plot.

Until then, I’d like to issue a sincere thank you for all of your commenters and Journalist who offered your input, your opinions are always valued and continue to help us all grow as developers.

Production on the updated video has begun and will be released in a few days,

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  • Stufa

    I’m sorry Nexis games.
    Letting down fans is becoming far too regular.
    I have no doubt you lot can deliver excellent games.
    I say don’t worry too much what fickle gamers say (even myself). Nexis games can do something that many dream of, actually make the games.

    Don’t even listen to the gamers and rants (err, even this one). Just make the games and show up the competition that way.

    • Nexis Games

      Mo worries, the new trailer looks pretty good. It will be nice to make a comeback! lol

  • Toby Bourne

    This game looks outrageously good! A bit more polish wouldn’t hurt, but it’s good to see a game forge its own path with random stuff rather than just another generic me too game. Definitely intend on getting it – assuming it actually comes out of course!

    • Nexis Games

      This games sole intent is to further fund UCraft, they will be completed.