Nintendo Switch

Crash N Sane Trilogy possibly coming to Switch?

by Leonelon October 17, 2017
Crash N Sane trilogy is currently on PS4 only but that may change since a listing on is another way of press or creators to get key for games and thanks to this there seems to be a listing indicating  that a Nintendo Switch version could be happening. While nothing officially concrete we can […]
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Doom launches on Nintendo Switch on Nov 10

by Leonelon October 16, 2017
We finally have a release date for DOOM on the Nintendo Switch and it will release on November 10 which is a few weeks away. November looks to be a full dedicated month for third party games for the Nintendo Switch.   Rip and tear through the demon hordes in #DOOM, coming to #NintendoSwitch on […]


Payday 2 on switch to release this winter?

by Leonelon October 16, 2017
During the Nintendo Direct in April this year we got an announcement that Payday 2 will be released for the Nintendo switch this year and since the announcement we haven’t heard anything about the game. According to a listing on the Nintendo Website we can see that they have it listed that it will release […]
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Nintendo Minute – Fire Emblem Warriors Special Edition unboxing

by Leonelon October 14, 2017
This week episode of Nintendo Minute features the unboxing of Fire Emblem Warriors special addition and the Amiibo! Take a look here and enjoy!

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Fire Emblem Warriors trailer

by Leonelon October 14, 2017
Fire Emblem Warriors is coming out next week and nintendo has prepared this trailer in preparation to it’s launch enjoy!
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Fire Emblem Warriors performance vs graphics mode

by Leonelon October 14, 2017
Earlier this week gamexplain had posted a video demonstrating the difference between performance and graphics mode for Fire Emblem Warriors. You can choose to play the game at 1080p at 30 FPS or 720p at 30 FPS and here we leave you with the video enjoy!

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ARMS version 3.2 coming out this month

by Leonelon October 8, 2017
Nintendo is getting ready to update ARMS later this month with version 3.2 with some interesting things to show looks like we have a new character on the way as well. Take a look at the trailer and enjoy!
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Nintendo World Championship finals

by Leonelon October 8, 2017
The Nintendo World Champions finished a few hours ago and what an epic show it was, Here we leave you with the final match that determined the champion with the final game being Super Mario Oddysey enjoy!


Nintendo Direct Predictions

by Leonelon September 13, 2017
Apologies for the absence for the past months but I have had a number of things to deal with. I have been going back and forth with a few things in life but everything should be fine already. I should be more active officially and hopefully things well go better from this day and forth. Nintendo […]