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Draw the Line playable demo is on the way

by Scott Styleson April 28, 2017
Draw the Line playable demo is on the way It’s been a long road As many of you have pointed out, I’ve been away for quite som time.Fortunately, when I’m quiet is when I get the most done and today I am here to showcase a small portion of what’s been worked on in my […]

YouPorn blames Nintendo and Zelda for recent loss of viewership

by Scott Styleson April 27, 2017
YouPorn blames Nintendo and Zelda for recent loss of viewership YouPorn Traffic goes downhill march 3rd, Link to Blame? The popular adult video streaming site ‘YouPorn’ has recently seen a small decline in viewership. The company issued a public statement addressing this issue and they believe the cause to be related to the recent release […]


Tutorial: How to recliam your internet privacy

by Scott Styleson April 7, 2017
Tutorial: How to reclaim your internet privacy Description If you’re like you’re like me, you’re probably pretty upset about losing your internet privacy and having your information being made available to the highest bidder. Luckily, in the world of technology, if there’s a will, there’s a way. We at Nintendo Nuggets have compiled a guide […]

Happy Birthday Tomonobu Itagaki, from Nintendo Nuggets!

by statusphereon April 1, 2017
Happy Birthday from Nintendo Nuggets, Tomonobu Itagaki! A living Legend Today marks the date of birth for one of the gaming industries most iconic developers. Responsible for titles such as Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive, Tomonobu Itagaki! has certainly made a place for himself in the hearts of many gamers.We’d like to take this time to […]


Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment Review

by Mohammad Aufiandrisyaon March 20, 2017
“Retro Inspired” is a phrase all too common nowadays, especially in the indie space. Very rarely does the combination of a game and retro inspired result in something beautifully well crafted such as the original Shovel Knight. The original was a very well made game, it didn’t  just rely on nostalgia to get your money. […]
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Tinertia possibly heading to the Nintendo Switch

by statusphereon February 17, 2017
Tinertia possibly heading to the Switch Candescent Games is ready to Switch it up In a response to a tweet, Candescent Games expressed interest in possibly bringing the 2D platforming masterpiece ‘Tinertia’ to the Nintendo Switch and the studio has already taken the first step towards making this a reality. While development for Nintendo’s upcomning platform has not […]

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Draw the Line: New Screens & Teaser Trailer

by Scott Styleson January 19, 2017
Progress Report – [1/19/2017] – New Screens + Small Battle Clip from Draw the Line So things are progressing very nicely with our upcoming title ‘TDOTD: Draw the Line’ and we have made quite a bit of progress since our last post.  Some of the most significant changes are improved lighting, better asset handling/pooling for improved […]
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TDOTD – Draw the Line [Teaser Trailer of Redemption] Released

by Scott Styleson January 9, 2017
TDOTD – Draw the Line [Teaser Trailer of Redemption] Released The Low Down After the online beatdown we received for our latest trailer, we put together a quick teaser trailer just to show you what the game will play like. I would like you all to rest assured, anything related to ‘The Dance’ will be […]


Nexis Games response to TDOTD: Draw the Line Community Outrage

by Scott Styleson January 6, 2017
Response from Nexis Games Nothing brings the gaming community together more than a ‘good ole’ bash session for devs who the community feels could be doing better and Nexis Games was at the top of the list. As many of you know, we got our asses handed to us this morning, and to be perfectly honest, we […]