Nintendo Switch to be Region Free, Price, and Launch Date Confirmed!

by Scott Styleson January 13, 2017
Nintendo Switch is doing things right! #NintendoSwitchPresentation Price, Launch Date and Region Locking Information Confirmed Nintendo has finally opened the black hole of information, pertaining to the world of the Nintendo Switch and what was announced has shocked the world. Nintendo officially announced that the Nintendo Switch will launch in the US on March 3rd, […]

‘I’ll be back in 2 weeks!’ #NexisGames

by Scott Styleson September 24, 2016
Hi Guys n Gals I’ve been working on a secret project for a few clients  and development has f inally come to an end. While I can’t release any details at the moment, I can say that I hope to return to full-time game development in 2 weeks. I’m also happy to report, nFusion’s client/server […]


Nintendo Nuggets Exclusive

by Leonelon February 10, 2016
Hell Everyone, Today we bring you fans an exclusive interview with Enlightened Games, This company will be bringing the Song of Sever to Wii U.  1. Hello Enlightened games, can you introduce yourself and give us a little background about your team? My name is Eric Blomquist, I am the Project and Art Director for Enlightened […]

Nuggets Exclusive Interview

by Leonelon January 19, 2016
Hello Everyone today we bring you an Exclusive interview from our friends at Magigue Productions 1.Hello Magique Productions can you introduce yourself and give us a little background about your team? Hi, Nintendo Nuggets. Thank you for allowing me to do this interview and talk about Asteroid Challenge. Magique Productions is a small independent company […]


NIntendo Nuggets Exclusive Interview

by Leonelon January 15, 2016
Hello everyone today i bring you an Exclusive Interview With Sinn Development, Werewolf Island is an open world horror/supernatural, first-person game for Windows/Linux/Mac/PS4/XboxOne/Wii-U in maturation by Sinn Development. It’s the story of Victor Lupus, whom inherits his uncles private island after missing for fourteen years. With a longing desire to discover what truly happened to […]

Nintendo Nuggets Exclusive Interview with Neko.Works

by Leonelon January 12, 2016
Hello Everyone, Today I bring you an Exclusive interview with Neko Works 1.Hello Neko works, can you introduce yourself and give us a little background about your team? Hi there! This is Kamel a.k.a baka-neko, the one guy behind “”, an indie game studio from France. I’ve started making my own (sort of) games since […]


Exclusive Interview: Samantha Foster Sound (SFS)

by Scott Styleson December 20, 2015
Samantha Foster Sound Interview As developers, we know 1st hand how tough it can be to find quality assets for your projects. Throughout our journey, we have managed to meet all sorts of interesting people and studios operating in the realm of game development and we’d like to share one of these relationships with you today. […]

Exclusive Nuggets Interview with IGN’s Peer Schneider

by Cas Lushon December 19, 2015
Interview with Peer Schneider If you like video games and use the internet you probably have heard of Peer Schneider or at least visited his website Mr. Peer Schneider is the General Manager and Co-Founder of IGN. Peer was nice enough to take time out of his busy day to answer a few questions […]


Did Nintendo accidentally announce Mario Galaxy 3?

by Cas Lushon December 5, 2015
New Nintendo President, Tatsumi Kimishima’s TIME interview.   In a recent December 3rd interview with TIME, the new Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima told TIME about the future of the company. He touched on many things including mobile gaming, the making of “Nintendo Account” and “My Nintendo.” He also admitted the company has not done a great […]