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Fans petition Nintendo to port Super Smash Bros 4 to Switch

by statusphereon March 23, 2017
Fans petition Nintendo to port Super Smash Bros 4 to Switch ‘a few of’ The people have spoken and they want “Super Smash Bros 4 Deluxe” Over the years, has become a platform for gaming enthusiast to ensure their voices heard by the powers that be. Earlier today we learned, a few dedicated Smash fans […]

Gamer finds tribute to Robin Williams in Zelda Breath of the Wild

by statusphereon March 22, 2017
Gamer finds tribute to Robin Williams in Zelda Breath of the Wild Tribute to Robin Williams Robin Williams was an icon in the entertainment industry who also had a deep relation with the gaming community, in turn,  Nintendo also had a very long relationship with the Williams family. Robin was known across the globe for his […]

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Arms Characters and Weapons Introduction

by Andrew Saueron March 20, 2017
Today, Nintendo released two videos regarding their new IP “Arms” and they show off some cool things more specifically the weapons, the weapons look very unique

Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment Review

by Mohammad Aufiandrisyaon March 20, 2017
“Retro Inspired” is a phrase all too common nowadays, especially in the indie space. Very rarely does the combination of a game and retro inspired result in something beautifully well crafted such as the original Shovel Knight. The original was a very well made game, it didn’t  just rely on nostalgia to get your money. […]

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Fast RMX racing review, single player

by Cousineau Wolfmanduffon March 18, 2017
I was a little reluctant to purchase this title at first, the price seemed a little low for what I was hopefully going to deem the best racing game I have played that was non Nintendo based since NASCAR ’07. Due to this my expectations we’re fairly low going in. Given my first attempt to […]
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Flatout 4 possible for switch

by Leonelon March 17, 2017
Flatout 4 is possible for the Nintendo Switch according to Susan Cummings from Strategy first who said the following It’s certainly possible. It’s definitely something Strategy First have been watching with interest – the early success of the Switch. I wouldn’t say anything is out of the question. The Switch version can be made if […]

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Sonic Forces Debut trailer

by Leonelon March 17, 2017
Project sonic 2017 has finally been revealed earlier and here is a off screen debut trailer for the game and supposedly we are expected to see some footage tomorrow
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Human Resources footage

by Leonelon March 17, 2017
Human Resources has released for the NIntendo Switch today and here we leave you with some gameplay footage enjoy!

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Little Inferno footage

by Leonelon March 17, 2017
Little Inferno is out now for the Nintendo Switch and here is footage of the game running on the switch enjoy!