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Nintendo promised big news this year at E3 and here it is!

by Scott Styleson April 28, 2017
Nintendo promised big news this year at E3 and here it is! And, it’s gone! Contrary to recent statements made by Nintendo, the company confirmed, they will not be hosting a traditional E3 press conference this year, but instead, will release details on their plans at a later date. Given the unforeseen success of the Switch, we […]

Tutorial: How to recliam your internet privacy

by Scott Styleson April 7, 2017
Tutorial: How to reclaim your internet privacy Description If you’re like you’re like me, you’re probably pretty upset about losing your internet privacy and having your information being made available to the highest bidder. Luckily, in the world of technology, if there’s a will, there’s a way. We at Nintendo Nuggets have compiled a guide […]


Nintendo Switch Mobile App

by Cousineau Wolfmanduffon March 15, 2017
Nintendo Switch Mobile App Nintendo Switch Mobile App The prospect of the Nintendo Switch mobile app to me, is one of the upcoming features that excites me most,  aside from the Splatoon and Mario releases. So far not much info has been released other than it will be a hub and chat for some of […]
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Fire Emblem Heroes footage

by Leonelon February 3, 2017
Fire Emblem Heroes has released for both Android and IOS and here we leave you with some footage enjoy!

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by statusphereon January 25, 2017
TRAILER: FIRE EMBLEM HEROES – HEROES AND HEROINES Hot of thew press from our Nintendo Mobile is the latest trailer for the upcoming title “FIRE EMBLEM HEROES – HEROES AND HEROINES”. Source: Nintendo Mobile via Go Nintendo