Bloodborne!! The first “Next Gen Must Have”?

by onMarch 25, 2015

With the new generation of consoles being over a year underway, there has been no real definitive “Next Gen” game. While the WiiU has had a slew of great games, both the Ps4 and Xbox One have had  a harder time getting on their feet with “Exclusive games, with most exclusive games being nothing more than “good”. But this appears to have changed with Sony’s new exclusive developed by From Software, Bloodborne.

Bloodborne, while being a New IP, is in essence a new installment in From Software’s consistently great and consistently popular “Souls” series, which specializes in being extremely difficult but highly rewarding. While Previous games like Dark Souls have focused on slow combat and learning how to use your shield, Bloodborne puts an emphasis on Fast and frenetic combat, along with taking away your trusty shield and making you put all your efforts into dodging.

What i have touched on Bloodborne and the “Souls” games in general is just the tip of what makes these games so widely loved and critically acclaimed. And with Bloodborne having just recently been available to the public, how has the reception for this latest venture been? Across the board the game has been receiving mass praise and has been earning review scores that bring it to be the best reviewed game of the new console generation. While i have only been able to play an hour or so of the game, i can confirm that this praise is well founded. And if i ever get the opportunity to play the game for an extensive amount of time ill be writing up a review as well.

What are your thoughts on Bloodborne? Leave them down in the comments below!!

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