Blog: My thoughts on the current NX rumors

by onAugust 1, 2016

Hello Everyone, Today I want to discuss about the latest NX rumors and my thoughts about all this.

This week was a big one because we heard more RUMORS about the NX and this time we heard it from eurogamer and then we started to hear a bit from WSJ and the line kept going. It’s interesting to see how much attention this has gotten yet i will not look at this very deeply until Nintendo comes out to announce what the NX truly is then ill believe in rumors.The rumor goes that the NX will be a hybrid handheld/console which sounds pretty cool. Also the rumor goes that NVIDIA is involved with their tegra chip but like i said this is a rumor. I like where this is going but i do wonder what is Nintendo planning since this rumor came out. I mean if this was the real deal i expect Nintendo to take some sort of action however i’m slowly starting to believe that these rumors are just gather up information from the past.

We have seen patents and all that plus there was a lot of info that we have heard here and their. I am not saying that these rumors can’t be true but so much has been said that i wish nintendo would give us at least a some info or at least a conference to kill these rumors. I am honestly not putting too much time into these rumors because at the end of the day the final word will come from nintendo. Anything  can happen from now till the release and anything can change but only time will tell.

The fact that the rumor portrays that i can play my games both on the go and home at the same time. The question in my mind now is how exactly is this concept going to work? I mean we know that Zelda will be heading to the NX so we will see.


Let us know in the comments below on your thoughts on the NX

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  • Stufa

    I can’t help thinking Nintendo is thriving on these rumours.
    I think Nintendo’s biggest mistake with the Wii U is not listening to the response on the internet during the original Wii’s reign.
    Where as now they seem to be watching online speculation very carefully.
    Let the gaming public advertise the possibilities of a what goes in the new machine and capitalise on the response.

    Besides, look at Microsoft with the Xbox 1. As dreadful as it’s inception was. Microsoft was quick to respond the the negative impact and take as as many flaws as they could with X1.

    So far there is strong speculation that NX will be a fusion of a home console and portable gaming, a partnership with a mobile phone company, experiments with new(ish) online concepts with Miitomo and Pokemon Go AND we know Zelda will be a strong launch title.

    I believe DS paved the way for the iPad and tablet based features on mobile phones. Since then, Nintendo lost their stronghold on portable entertainment. Why have a separate machine aimed at portable gaming, put in the shade by the tablets and mobiles?
    But by coupling a portable machine with a home console, they have a better chance of a strong, portable market.

    I think we’ll see NX utilise new features with Pokemon Go, Miitomo and many more. I can’t help thinking Splatoon was a taste on how Nintendo will do things in the future.
    or maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part.

    All I know is I want to see something new other than new improved graphics on the same online games for the past 10 years.
    Aside from daring independent developers, Nintendo is the only mainstream company that dares to try anything new.

    • Leonel

      Thanks for sharing your comment and right on point.

      I Personally feel that Nintendo is allowing people do the work for them in a way. We seen some amazing videos and concept of what the NX could be but i have a strong feeling that all the discussion, rumors, videos, images, media etc… is allowing them to get an idea of what the NX could become before officially announcing it. I have seen a ton of rumors and i really liked them honestly but if nintendo wants to have another great run like the wii then then NX better become something we didn’t expect. The rumor about eurogamer sounds cool (Although I been hearing that the concept was from a reddit post not long ago)

      If the rumor about the portable console is true then i would actually be excited since i would be able to play my games on my tv and on the go. The question in my mind now is how exact would all this work? Will the gameplay be different? Would it be a major difference? I mean Imagine if the Dragon Quest 11 would play like the ps4 on the tv for the home console version and the handheld version played like the 3ds for the NX.

      Rumors are going back and forth about the technology being used for the system whether it be NVIDIA stuff or AMD, Polaris etc… but i have a feeling when rumors come out then things will take a big turn on the final product but we will see soon.

      • Stufa

        I’ve a feeling the games would work differently on the go. This is just my theory.
        Imagine catching Pokemon on Pokemon Go and maybe fighting them with people out and about like classic Gameboy/DS stylee.

        Then at home, the game would be more like Pokemon Stadium or something on those lines.
        A bit like the Dreamcast VMU but much better.

        • Leonel

          That sounds pretty cool and like a very unique idea

          What I would say is important is to make the console easy to port for third party developers and we may we some cool things in the future

          • Stufa

            I’ve seen so many gifted software teams, gradually master unique technology, where so many couldn’t. But their work wouldn’t get recognised until way later on, when they had no choice but to disband.
            I’m thinking of Lobotomy for Saturn, Rare on N64 and Arena/Probe on the Master System.

            NX needs to be popular, not just unique.