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Blog: Personal Experience with Nintendo Nuggets

by onMarch 5, 2016

Today March 5th 2016 marks me working for Nintendo Nuggets for 3 months. Back in December 5th 2015 was my first post ever and honestly it really feels great working for this site. I really enjoy writing articles, bringing news and much more i feel like i can get certain things way ahead then to wait to hear it. Before I started working i felt like why aren’t these nintendo related site covering cool games or news. The minute i started working for this site was to bring interviews, First look in games and giving developers their chance to shine and get recognized by nintendo fans. Without a doubt i try and bring daily content through the day and also love writing blogs here and there but attempt to make them sound interesting instead of just writing the obvious.

I will be more active once more news come for the NX because after watching the Nintendo Direct it felt like nintendo is ready to give wii u it’s final games. I feel like NX likely is a 2016 launch but time will tell. I really enjoy doing daily post for this site because i feel like it connects to me since i love nintendo alot more then the other 2 company with consoles. I go back from n64 to wii u including handheld as well. Me working for this site isn’t just writing it’s more like a reason to continue doing what you love. I introduce myself a while back and things have been able to change for me for the good. If it wasn’t for my opportunity to work for this site, I really don’t know what i would be doing aside from school since i was involved in drama that didn’t pertain to me. I motivate myself to keep my head up in everything and that nothing will control me, Sometimes it’s difficult forgetting stuff that happened last semester for me. I was able to maintain great grades but not much in my mind left till i started working here. Every article, Blog etc.. I write it connects to me and makes me feel good. This site has kept my mind focused in everything and i really love it. Sure i’m still a college student but this site does help me everyday. I love hearing feedback or comments whether it’s here or twitter or any social media.

If there is something you like to see more or give me feedback on the work i have been doing feel free to tell me. I appreciate feedback so that way i improve on it or continue doing what i do.

I Want to thank my boss so much for this opportunity and i will continue delivering news for all you fans. I want to also thank all of our Nintendo Nuggets fans as well you being engaged with our content or giving us your take on certain things makes this site more interesting and a chance to talk to all of you.

Thank You Everyone

-Leonel S

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    We certainly appreciate having you as one of the founding members of the site. Your daily contributions and dedication to the Nintendo community are a motivation to us all and words cannot express my gratitude to you. Thanks to your help, i am now able to focus on our upcoming Wii U and Xbox One games 100% of the time.

    You guys saved the Nintendo Nuggets and Nexis Games!
    Thank you!