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by onJanuary 15, 2017

Finally, The moment we all been waiting for has finally come and we had most of our questions answered. I was very hyped about the Nintendo Switch but had low expectations since I expected to hear more about the console more then the games themselves.

After watching the presentation and watching the tree house event I will be speaking about the overall impression and disappointments at the moment.

Nintendo Switch Presentation

The Nintendo Switch Presentation was alright but it definitely wasn’t epic, I had my mind set in low expectations since i was expecting to hear more about specs for the system more then anything. We didn’t get the specs specifically for the switch but we did get some more in depth details about their new controls. The joycons really sound promising and all the things they can do but I personally feel like we are seeing Wii 2. The system made me think that as if it was more like a combination between wii and wii u in a way. During the presentation we got to see 2 games that demonstrate full use which were 1-2 switch and Arms. There was some third party developers just to announce a game or say that they are developing games for the switch. The Price of the switch was ok to start with because I thought it might be packed in with some goodies but once we saw what exactly comes in the package well i was a bit disappointed. I am not saying that the price point is bad but I think at least 1-2 switch would of been packed in like nintendo has done in the past with both wii and wii u. With all honesty the new Mario game looked so gorgeous that I was very impressed and excited also we did get a confirmation that the newest Zelda game will be ready for launch. The presentation overall was alright but it definitely could of done better.


Currently we have 5 games ready for launch which are 1-2 Switch, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Bomberman R, Just Dance 2017 and Skylanders Imaginators. There are many more games coming out for the switch throughout the year and with have some big titles coming out soon as well. Below are the games currently planned for 2017switch-schedule-noa-update

At first i was literally thinking that this doesn’t look convincing for a launch but i am confident that the majority of people who are buying the Switch will pick up the new Zelda game. Having only 5 games at launch might be a smart think business wise because this gives an opportunity to have games sell at different times rather then all together. I thought the Wii U launch lineup was amazing but having second thoughts about it made me think that mainly Wii U first party would be the big sellers at launch. I remember some big triple AAA titles released but didn’t get the sells it wanted but thinking about it, It was tough to compete with so many other titles at the same time. For example if skyrim were to release on launch knowing zelda would release at that time too then maybe sells would heavily favor zelda so in a business way it’s great to have both zelda and skyrim apart from release dates. I remember when watch dogs was releasing and i thought that wii u sales of that game could of gone better if Mario Kart 8 wasn’t releasing around the same time. Ubisoft did delay it but it is possible that Mario Kart could have been the factor to it plus people bought Mario Kart 8 did get a free digital 1st party game. So hopefully Nintendo and Third party companies can have their games come at different times and agree on them so that way we can see how they perform. EA is working on Fifa for switch and if there is no first party game game releasing around fifa launch day then i can honestly assume that the switch sales for fifa will be really good. Wii did have some third party games that sold really well and we can only hope that third party on switch have potential.

With the first party games from Nintendo it will be interesting to see when they will release but i also have a good feeling that these will do well. I was so excited When i saw Xenoblade Chronicles 2, at first i was like alright a new game but at the end when i saw the sword that looked like the monado in a way I was telling myself this has to be xenoblade related and i was happy that it was. We have Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 deluxe, Splatoon 2 and much more coming soon so there is some good potential.

Price, Online, Accessories and Limited Stock

I want to bring some points out when it comes to pricing because it will all come down together. So Nintendo Switch will cost $299.99 in the U.S. and i was hearing that the price is higher in Europe and other countries. I don’t have much of an issue with the price but just by looking at it as a whole i think that we might be paying more for additional things we may need in the future. To start the system is 32 GB and well here we go again and you can buy Micro SD cards for additional storage but these SD cards can be quite pricey.

On the other note the JOYCONS will cost $49.99 a piece or buy then as a bundle for $80 and Im honestly skeptical about this one. The right joycon can be understandable at that price since their is alot built into it but the left joycon kind of feels like a wii nunchuk in a way. I don’t personally feel like the Left joycon should be $49.99 but that’s just me. Then again I understand the left joycon can be used the same to play multiplayer games but hopefully we will see more games that utilizes both equally. Below you can see a bit more of the joycon in depth to understand it a little but better.


The pricing has me asking questions but we will soon find out more.

Now we look at the Nintendo Switch pro controller which is shown below


The Pro controller will cost $70 which is $10 more than our controllers of other systems and more then one joycon itself. I understand that same applies for the pro controller when it comes to the technology built in it but i have a strong feeling that there are going to be some games that will heavily use the joycons and makes me wonder if the pro controller will be an option for some games.

We heard a few things about their online service but at the moment i ain’t too impressed simply because it feels like we will pay for features that are better in other consoles. So far we heard that it will be a free service to start with and will later become a paid service. While I won’t complain much i feel like we might not be getting that much of a good value.

screenshot 2017-01-12 215205

For those who subscribe will be able to play online, online lobby and voice chat, Exclusive deals and monthly game download. The game download currently is a free Nes/Snes game that will be available for that specific month. For example if you play Super Mario Bros for March which is the Launch month for switch then in april that game is no longer available to play and you will have to purchase it. New games will release each month but we will have to wait and see how that works out.

Now we move to the topic about the limited stock for the Nintendo Switch. If you have been paying close attention a lot of these store will have a limited amount of Switch like in gamestop there will only be around 20 per store for launch depending where you live. Some stores may have a little more while others may have less. Now do I think having a limited stock is a bad idea? both yes and no and ill explain for both.
Yes because having a limited number can mean things like scalpers buying them and selling the switch for twice the price or maybe even more. I feel like having a limited number of switch can also mean a limited number of sales in software. Maybe the Numbers of switch sold may not sound that impressive to investors and can see things in a different way.
No in business perspective they might be testing the water to see if there limited stock can be sold out. There is a limit of switch that will be available in each store and so far it sounds like many stores have been successful in pre-orders meaning that they might be able to sell all their stock at launch. They need to have impressive numbers when it comes to their annual report since it comes at the end of march. While I think the price can be kind of a scary think one never know the true outcome. If Nintendo Sells all the switch shipped then it’s possible that they can keep doing the same think maybe leading to till holidays.


In conclusion, I believe that the Nintendo Switch has true potential and can go either way. In a way i feel like the Switch can be the answer nintendo has been waiting for but then again they can end up in another wii u situation. If the Switch doesn’t have a solid start then i can see it being another 3ds where they may bring the price down and have a ambassador program. Only time will tell but for me at the moment I am not sold and i will not be purchasing the switch at launch. I will definitely give it some time before purchasing one but I think ill get one near holidays once we see what nintendo has in store at E3. I am positive that the switch can be a massive success but I will keep a close eye to everything.

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  • Stufa

    I need to see Switch offer something exceptional over what is already out on Wii U.
    Sure, it’s marketed on Wii U’s positive aspects with a fresh start.
    That marketing tac tic worked with Wii and GameCube.

    Think of it. GameCube’s sales were struggling at the time. A motion controller might have spiced it up a little. But repackage a system that is not much more powerful with the same motion controls on it, you had a certain winner.
    I’m guessing that’s what Nintendo has planned here.

    Hopefully we’ll see a Switch’s equivalent to Wii Sports or Tetris on Gameboy.
    Once that happens and I see more about the machine stand out over what is already available, I might consider getting one.
    Should I get one, I can’t help thinking 2 of those ‘Split Pads’ are all you need for a good game party…
    With a decent party game…
    If I have 2 of those, I don’t see much reason in getting a pro controller.

    Like I said, I have to see something exceptional. Something new and mind blowing to get me to buy one. Wii U eventually won me around. Switch has yet to do so.

    • Leonel

      Only time will tell on how successful the Nintendo Switch is and i hope that Nintendo learns alot from the wii u. The switch has a ton of potential and they seem to have some good games coming up but i hope the joycons are heavily used in games unless they allow the pro controllers to be used.

      For example both Fifa and NBA have potentian since they could use both joycons for multiplayer and maybe add some motion to it to make it a little more live. I have high expectations for the switch but could easily be disappointed but i won’t judge till at least we get near holidays. I will end up buying the switch with no doubt but i might wait till holidays or early next year.

      • Stufa

        The original advert did show NBA utilising the Switch very well. If it gets many games to work like that, It could be really good.

        So far though. It feels like I’m looking at an N64 with 4 pads and no multiplayer games on it.

        • Leonel

          Yes that it did and i hope this will be used to play sports game because it guarantees multiplayer right away. I hope nintendo actually makes games that uses the joycons for multiplayer games like mario party but we will see how things go.

          That’s quite interesting honestly, Can’t wait to see what the final product will be like

          • Stufa

            That is the main aspect that appeals to me on Switch. Take it anywhere for instant multiplayer games.

            The Switch is easily capable of doing everything better than the N64.
            But I can’t help think Nintendo and other companies are restricting on the machine’s potential to charge for what used to be standard features.
            Like you say, time will tell.

          • Leonel

            I like the idea too like for the first time I can take Mario oddysey or skyrim on the go. I can play as freely and comfortable as I want. Since I live in chicago I would probably just play it in my house or at school. Since the city is pretty big Idk how I feel playing in the public tbh.
            The switch has a ton of potential now that we have seen a number of things. Some games that i would personally like to see are the following
            – Punch Out
            – Wii Sports type of game
            – Pokemon Stadium
            – A new 3d Donkey Kong
            – Metroid
            I can see the joycons being used in many different ways and there is potential everywhere.

          • Stufa

            I think it’s genius of Nintendo fusing potable with home gaming. A legendary as Nintendo are when it comes to handheld gaming.
            I don’t think they could have created a portable gaming device alone that could steal the thunder from tablet devices.
            But Switch ensures a safe, portable future.

            As for gaming on the go. I don’t think I’d use it out and about if I can help it.
            But I see it as really convenient for taking to friends’ houses for some unique gaming.
            I’ve no doubt we’ll see Metroid show up again.

          • Leonel

            This is definitely a step up for Nintendo since we are now experiencing something unique. I never imagine having some really big titles on the go and I had imagine something like this except it would play differently.

            The Switch is a home and handheld console with a promising future now nintendo has to assure we have first and third party games for the years to come. I can imagine some third party games on the go and first party games to play anywhere I want.

            I had the chance to try the switch at an event but i’ll definitely wait a while before buying the switch.

            We probably will see metroid but I don’t think it’s the metroid everyone has been waiting for

          • Stufa

            I have to confess. I have actually got one booked. It’s rare I do this, but there was something about the machine.

            Another hopeful aspect is the shovelware… Hear me out.
            Whilst shovelware pretty much killed the original Wii and stood out like an over ripe blister on Wii U.
            I kinda felt the shovelware actually worked on machines like the original DS.

            Basically to see any half a*sed port on Switch could easily benefit from it’s advantages. Unlike Wii U in which developers would have to work real hard to exploit Wii U’s advantages.

            I ended up getting the machine out of principle. Seeing as I ended up with just about all the past Nintendo machines…
            even if I didn’t want them, which is strange.