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Splatoon 2 Testfire Impressions

by Andrewon March 27, 2017
. First and foremost I have not played the original splatoon and I’m not too big on shooters even though this isn’t your average shooter the game was very fun I wish I had more time with it I loved the splat dualies they were the perfect weapon to use for your inkling assault on […]
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Arms Characters and Weapons Introduction

by Andrewon March 20, 2017
Today, Nintendo released two videos regarding their new IP “Arms” and they show off some cool things more specifically the weapons, the weapons look very unique


First Impressions: Super Bomberman R for Nintendo Switch

by Andrewon March 15, 2017
First Impression: Super Bomberman R  for Nintendo Switch Description So when I started playing “Super Bomberman R” I was under the impression that it wasn’t going to be good at all and I was completely wrong it was a very amazing experience with bright colors, a wonderful soundtrack and great gameplay in my opinion this […]