Fast RMX racing review, single player

by onMarch 18, 2017


I was a little reluctant to purchase this title at first, the price seemed a little low for what I was hopefully going to deem the best racing game I have played that was non Nintendo based since NASCAR ’07. Due to this my expectations we’re fairly low going in. Given my first attempt to play was hindered by the interference on my left joy con from my wifi, I decided to play in on the go mode and was completely blown away.


I’ll break it down like this I give the graphics and the rendering a 9.5 out of 10 loosing half a point for some lag issues when crashing into objects such as the pillars or other vehicles.


As someone who has never played this line of games I found learning the controls to be a little more difficult than most racing games I am new to, this being due to the fact that the only other racing games on a Nintendo system I have played are mk and the NASCAR for the Wii u that was a complete let down for me. All and all I loved the controls for this game and give them a 9 of 10.


This felt real good to me game progress seems easy to follow and the tournament stage setup seems to have a great eb and flow I give this aspect a 10 of 10.


I have only had a chance to try 4 of the tracks on the game but loving what I have played this far I give this a 10 of 10.

To sum up I feel anyone who enjoys a slightly complex racing experience will love this game and with a little time spent is pretty easy for beginners as well, with all that said I would recommend a 9.5 rating of 10 overall. Check in at a later date for my review of online play……

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